Anthony is a complete product line for men, which can be divided into four main categories: shaving, face, body, and hair.

In New York, in the year 2000, Anthony Sosnick launched Anthony Logistics, and since 2003 it has been the best-selling men's series in the United States. Not only has Anthony Sosnick created one of the greatest grooming series for men, but some believe he has also set the standard for grooming perfection. He developed the original Anthony Logistics For Men based on direct feedback about men's specific problems and needs - right down to their preferences for large tubes of scent-free products.

The series consists of nature-based products that care for your face, hair, and your entire body. The products are easy to use because Anthony knows that men would like the care routine to take as little time as possible.

All of the products in the series are allergy and dermatology tested, and 1% of Anthony's revenue is donated to prostate cancer research.
Anthony Deodorant Stick, 70 gr.
Alcohol-free deodorant. Without aluminum.
Anthony Pre Shave Oil, 59 ml.
This preshave oil gives the perfect start to your daily shave.
Anthony Shave Gel, 177 ml.
Ensures a super close shave. Very good for sensitive skin.
Anthony Shave Cream, 177 ml.
Provides a close and comfortable shave.
Anthony Aftershave Balm, 90 ml.
Soothes and moisture the skin after shaving.
Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 90 ml.
Reduces irritated skin, often caused by ingrown hairs.
Anthony All-Purpose Facial Moisturizer, 90 gr.
Effective face cream for both morning and evening.
Anthony Deep-Pore Cleansing Clay, 90 ml.
An amazing depth-cleansing face mask. Without parfume.
Anthony Deep-Pore Cleansing Clay, Sample, 15 ml.
An amazing depth-cleansing face mask. Without parfume.
Anthony Beard Basics Kit
Set with beard shampoo, beard oil and comb.
Anthony Set with Face Wash, Face Cream and Deodorant
Facial Cleanser, Face Cream and Deodorant.
Before EUR 93.90
Anthony Set with Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil / Preshave
A perfect set for bearded men. Includes Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil.
Before EUR 60.40
Anthony Shave Cream, Sample, 15 ml.
Provides a close and comfortable shave.
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