Anthony Shaving

Below, you will find the exquisite products from Anthony that ensure a close and smooth shave every single day.

The series consists of Pre-shave oil, Shaving cream, Barber gel, Aftershave, and a gel that removes ingrown hair. And then, you actually don't need anything else when it comes to your shaving.

Start by applying the pre-shave to clean skin. Let it sit for a minute. Then apply Anthony's Shaving Cream or Barber Gel. Which one you choose is a matter of taste, as the products function in the same way. Shave with your scraper and finish with the Aftershave Balm that soothes and moisturizes.

If you are dealing with red spots and irritation due to ingrown hair, try Anthony's Ingrown Hair Treatment. The gel consists of glycolic, salicylic, and phytic acid that gently removes dead skin cells, fights bacteria, and releases the hair.

Anthony Shave Cream, 177 ml.
Provides a close and comfortable shave.
Anthony Shave Gel, 177 ml.
Ensures a super close shave. Very good for sensitive skin.
Anthony Aftershave Balm, 90 ml.
Soothes and moisture the skin after shaving.
Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 90 ml.
Reduces irritated skin, often caused by ingrown hairs.