nom MARTEN Shaving Brush, Black Fiber, Cream

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This Shaving brush is part of the MARTEN series, which has an angular, colorful design. The shaving brush is made of extra durable plastic with an elegant, glossy surface. The MARTEN has a narrow neck at the top, and a black band at the bottom, which is super nice for the cream colored shaft.

The brush itself is made of Black Fiber. Black Fibers are vegan bristles, made specifically for wet shaving. The synthetic fibers are similar to natural hair in terms of softness and have equally good properties. The fibers are very durable and sturdy. They create a super delicious foam out of just a small amount of shaving soap or shaving cream.
Brush type:
Black Fibre
Knot size:
21 mm.
Item number:MARTEN 21 CR