Speick Samples

Explore the natural and refreshing world of Speick with Speick Samples.

These samples of Speick skin care products allow you to experience the unique power of the Alpine Speick plant, known for its soothing and revitalizing properties.

Speick's products are created with carefully selected high-quality ingredients to care for your skin in the most gentle way.

With a wide range of samples including face creams, shower gels and deodorants, Speick Samples offers you the opportunity to explore their range and find the products that best suit your skin and needs.

Whether you're traveling or just want to try something new, Speick Samples are the perfect way to discover the natural beauty and care inherent in Speick products.

Speick Men Active Shaving Cream, Sample, 3 ml.
Soothing and relaxing shaving cream for a close shave.
Speick Pure Shampoo, Sample, 6 ml.
Mild Shampoo for sensitive scalps.
Speick Men Active Shampoo, Sample, 6 ml.
Shampoo for weak hair with natural caffeine.
Speick Original Soap, Sample, 13,5 gr.
Fresh and delicious hand soap with a mild scent of lavender.
Speick Men Active Shower Gel, Sample, 6 ml.
With invigorating, plant-based active and moisturising ingredients.
Speick Natural Active Showergel, Sample, 6 ml.
Cleansing skin and hair with a stimulating, refreshing fragrance.
Speick Sun Cream, SPF 30, Sample, 2 ml.
Sun protection for face and body with SPF 30.
Speick Sun cream, SPF 50+, Sample, 2 ml.
Sun protection for face and body with SPF 50+.
Speick After Sun Lotion, Sample, 3 ml.
Refreshing and intensely moisturizing aftersun.
Speick Sun Lotion, SPF 30, Sample, 3 ml.
Sun protection for face and body with SPF 30.