Speick Thermal Sensitiv

Experience the deep, nourishing power of nature with the Speick Thermal Sensitiv range. These skin care products are created with a focus on nurturing and protecting even the most sensitive skin.

The Speick Thermal Sensitiv series is enriched with natural ingredients, including the Alps' Speick plant and thermal water, which provide the skin with intensive moisture and nourishment, while strengthening the skin's natural defense mechanisms.

With their mild and soothing formulas, Speick Thermal Sensitiv products leave your skin feeling calm and well cared for. From gentle facial cleansers to moisturizing body lotions, Speick Thermal Sensitiv offers a wide range of products to meet your needs and leave your skin with a healthy and radiant glow.

Regardless of whether you have sensitive skin or simply want to pamper your skin with natural and nourishing ingredients, Speick Thermal Sensitiv is the ideal choice for you who want to achieve radiant and well-cared for skin.

Speick Cleansing Foam, Thermal Sensitiv, 115 ml.
Gentle and cleansing foam for the face. Prevents dryness.
Speick Day Cream Light, Thermal Sensitiv, 50 ml.
Light and effective day cream. Makes the skin beautiful, matte and moisturised.
Speick Protecting Day Cream, Thermal Sensitiv, 50 ml.
Effective day cream. Makes the skin beautiful, matte and moisturized.