Speick Shampoo & Body Wash

At this site, you can see the moisturizing Body Wash and Shampoos from Speick.

The products are based on the medical plant Speick that is known for its soothing and nurturing properties.
History tells us that the oil from the roots of the Speick plant has been used for skincare by the ancient Egyptians dating back to 500 years BC.

The products you find below are designed specifically for men's skin. They optimize the moisture balance, soften, and smooth the skin using high quality natural ingredients. Use a Shower Gel and a Shampoo in the bath.
Speick Men Active Shampoo, 150 ml.
Shampoo for weak hair with natural caffeine.
Speick Pure Shampoo, 200 ml.
Mild Shampoo for sensitive scalps.
Speick Natural Active Shampoo Bar, Caffeine, 60 gr.
Lightweight & long lasting shampoo for weak hair. Solid bar.
Speick Natural Active Shampoo, Caffeine, 200 ml.
Mild, richly foaming cleanses gently and thoroughly.
Speick Pure Shampoo, Sample, 6 ml.
Mild Shampoo for sensitive scalps.
Speick Men Active Shampoo, Sample, 6 ml.
Shampoo for weak hair with natural caffeine.
Speick Bath Soap, Forest, 225 gr.
A rich and mild bath soap that moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
Speick Men Active Shower Gel, 200 ml.
With invigorating, plant-based active and moisturising ingredients.
Speick Natural Body Lotion, 250 ml.
Protective, herbal, moisturising care for the whole family.
Speick Natural Soap, 100 gr.
Fresh and delicious hand soap with a mild scent of lavender.
Speick Men Shower Gel, 250 ml.
Refreshing shower gel for body and hair.
Speick Wellness Soap with milk and honey, 200 gr.
A super nourishing and fragrant soap for bath and shower.
Speick Activated Charcoal Soap, 100 gr.
Cleansing soap for face and body. With Activated Charcoal.
Speick Shampoo Bar, 45 gr.
Natural hair soap for easy and thorough cleaning.