Hair Trimmers

If you want to avoid a trip to the hairdresser, you may want to get a haircut. An easy-to-operate hairdresser is ideal for those who have one of those hairstyles that require little more than scissors. Or a trimmer.

Here on the site you can get a quick overview of all the hair trimmers we have in the range right now. We have different types of electric trimmers in different price ranges, so we are sure they can meet your needs. Of course, we only have hair trimmers from reputable brands, which are also recommended by hairdressers. In other words, you are guaranteed high quality at a good price.

To complete the product group, we have also assembled our selection of scissors for the hair. Many men choose to use a trimmer for most of the hair, but a hairdresser scissors to the top, to preserve some of the length of the hair.
Trimmer for hair and beard in a small, practical size.
Before EUR 106.00
Professional trimmer for hair and beard.
Before EUR 221.00
The absolute top model when it comes to trimmers.
Before EUR 241.20