Beard Trimmers

A beard trimmer is a must for you, who will neither be completely shaved nor have a long, lush beard - but prefer to have a beard stump on the face. With a beard trimmer you can super easily hold the beard stumps to a perfect length, so you always look nice and well-groomed.

A beard trimmer has the great advantage that it can be adjusted so that the cutting length fits exactly the look you want. You can easily experiment with what length you prefer and at the same time see what suits you best and your face. If you are unsure how far you want your beard, it is a good idea to start with a high setting. That way you can always trim the beard more if you are not satisfied.

An electric beard trimmer gives an even cut so your beard stumps are the same length everywhere. Many men supplement the trimmer with a beard scissors. A beard scissors are good for the small details and easily cut the hair you didn't get with the trimmer. For example, it may be obvious to use a beard scissor to make sure that the beard does not grow down the lips.

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Trimmer for hair and beard in a small, practical size.
Before EUR 106.00
Professional trimmer for hair and beard.
Before EUR 221.00
The absolute top model when it comes to trimmers.
Before EUR 241.20
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Moustache Kit
Moustache Kit with Comb, Brush and Scissors.
Proshave Beard Scissors, Stainless Steel, 11.3 cm.
Proshave's very own Beard Scissors. A must for any bearded men!
Percy Nobleman Beard Scissors
Versatile to take on the finer detail as well as your full beard.
Dovo Beard Scissors, 4.5”
Keep your beard well groomed and trimmed with this scissors.
Bluebeards Revenge Beard Scissor
Keeps your beard and moustache well groomed.
Proshave Beard Cape
Effectively catches your beard hair during trimming.