Guide: How to trim your beard

How to get a perfectly trimmed beard

It may seem absurd to trim the beard if your ultimate goal is length. But don't worry: A little trimming does not interfere with the growth of the beard, but instead keeps the beard nice and well-groomed.

The beard behaves just like the hair on the head, and thus requires trimming every now and then so that it can continue to grow. Below we have collected our best tips for how to trim your beard in the most optimal way.

Tools for trimming the beard

You should acquire the following tools to trim the beard with:

- Beard comb or Beard brush: For shielding

- Trimmer

- Beard scissors: For details

- Beard Balm or Beard Oil: For care and softening

Step by step: How to trim your beard

1) Comb the beard with a comb or brush
Trim the beard with a beard comb or brush so that all the hairs face the same direction. Comb the beard from root to bottom.

2) Use a trimmer for an even cut
If you want to maintain the length, you can try setting 4 on your trimmer. If you are in doubt about how long you want your beard, it is a good idea to start with a larger setting. That way, you can always trim the beard more if you are not satisfied.

3) Remove the hair on cheeks and neck
To get a nice, well-groomed beard, the hair above the jawline must be removed. The same applies to the hairs below the borderline. Click here to see our guide about where the beard lines should go.

4) Trim the mustache properly
Start by combing the mustache to the side and trim with the desired setting. Then comb the mustache down over the lip. Use scissors to trim and straighten the hairs that touch the lip.

5) Use scissors for details
Trim the hairs you didn't get with the trimmer. It looks sloppy if you have a spiky hair or two among all the trims.

6) Finish with a beard oil or beard balm
The purpose of using care products for the beard is to keep it healthy and in addition to prevent dryness and itchiness. Make sure the oil/balm also reaches the skin under the beard.

Other good advice for trimming beards

- Always trim the beard when it is dry
Then you'll have a much better sense of what it's going to look like.

- Invest in some proper gear
A good trimmer and beard scissors are essential for you to get a good result. Buy high-quality tools, as these are also the most durable.

- Be aware that there are differences between trimmers
The settings of the trimmers vary. So you cannot count on setting 4 on your old and new trimmer being the same. Therefore, always start with a higher setting than you actually think you will need.

- Stretch the skin when you trim the area around the neck
Be sure to stretch the skin to avoid cuts and tears on the neck.

Next step: Tame the beard

You now have control over the edges of your full beard and have trimmed the beard. However, you may find that the beard is sticking out all over the place and looking a bit wild now. In other words, it means that now is the time to tame the beard. Of course, we also have a guide for that:
Guide: How to tame your beard