Guide: How to tame your beard

Step by step guide: How to tame your beard

Most men can naturally grow a beard without doing anything other than ditching the shaver for a period. It does, however, require a real effort if the beard is to be beautiful, well-groomed and well-kept at the same time. A dry, frizzy beard that is not properly cared for is frankly not very charming.

Below, we've collected our best tips on how to avoid a wild and frizzy beard that bristles in all directions - and instead achieve a handsome one that arouses envy and appreciative glances.
Step 1) Use a Beardwash

Step 1) Use a Beardwash

Most principles of hair care also apply to beard care: Before you are able to style the beard, it must be washed.

You should clean your beard several times a week to remove oil, dirt, dead skin cells and any food residue. When you wash your beard, you will find that it becomes shinier and less frizzy - and besides, it is a reality that a clean beard is not nearly as irritated and cooling as a dirty one.

So restore shine and softness with a good beard shampoo.
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Step 2) Use Beard Oil og Beard Balm

Step 2) Use Beard Oil og Beard Balm

Another hair care tip that also applies to beard care: Any good shampoo should be followed by conditioner. You must therefore apply a beard oil or beard balm after you have cleaned the beard.

A beard oil or balm is perhaps the most crucial step in your daily beard care routine. The product makes the beard supple, soft (for both you and your partner) and adds the right amount of moisture and care so that the beard does not become dry and boring to look at.

Whether you choose a balm or oil is a matter of taste:
Beard Oil:
Take a few drops of oil out in your hand. Rub the product between the palms and then run the palms through the beard. Start from the top down - and repeat a few times. (Don't run your palms from bottom to top as this will just make your beard tangled)
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Beard Balm:
Take a small amount out of the container and rub the palms together. Take your thumb and index finger as far apart as possible. Place the fingertips of these two fingers at the top of the beard before palming through the beard while closing the distance between the fingers. Repeat the movement. Only drive from the top down.
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Step 3) Use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush

Step 3) Use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush

Your beard is now clean and groomed - so it's time to start the actual styling. You choose whether you use a beard comb or a beard brush for the purpose. A daily combing/brushing of your beard will "train" the hairs to grow in the correct, downward direction.

A comb or brush removes dust, dirt and excess product, leaving the beard smooth, even and shiny with no tangles.

Regular brushing is also very good for the skin and prevents a dry beard.

Here's how you do it:
Always comb or brush only in the direction of beard growth.
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Step 4) Style the beard with a Beard Wax

Step 4) Style the beard with a Beard Wax

Use a beard wax or mustache wax to style and tame your beard and mustache and gather the tips. A Beard wax typically has a slightly harder consistency than a regular hair wax, because the beard requires a firmer hold.

Here's how you do it:
Warm up the wax between your fingertips before use to get the optimal effect. Gather the tips of the mustache by pinching the beard and pulling slightly outwards.
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