Beard Comb

It is important to have a beard comb at hand when growing a beard. A beard comb ensures you always look fresh and well groomed.

Make it a habit to comb your beard before leaving the door in the morning. An unkempt beard is similar to unshaven hair - and frankly it's not very charming. The comb removes both mugs and filters. If you choose to apply a beard balm or cutting oil before applying the comb, you will also get a naturally beautiful and shiny beard.

The beard combs you find below are made in many different versions. Some are produced with wide teeth and are therefore good for a bit of a long, strong beard with a tendency for mugs and filters. A narrow distance between the teeth, on the other hand, is better for a fine beard without so much fullness.

We have combs especially for you with full beard, moustache and moustache - and of course also pocket sized combs that do not fill the world. In the assortment you will find both beard comb in metal, beard comb in horn, beard comb in horn, beard comb in carbon and beard comb in plastic. We definitely have a comb in the range that is perfect for you and your beard type.

Truefitt & Hill Moustache Comb, Horn, 90 mm.
Exclusive Moustache Comb made of natural horn.
Mr. Bear Moustache Comb, 10 cm.
Practical comb for your moustache.
Mr. Bear Beard Comb, Maple Wood
Beard Comb with wide teeth. Made in Maple Wood.
Percy Nobleman Beard Comb
This comb is sturdy and strong and will last for many years with a little care.
Daimon Barber Beard Comb
Handmade beard comb with handle.
Percy Nobleman Hair Comb
Sleek, stylish, traditionally modern and an everyday essential.
Beviro Beard Comb, Pear wood
The perfect tool for longer beards. With fine and coarse teeth.
Taylor or Old Bond Street Folding Comb
Practical folding Comb for hair and beard.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Comb with fine/coarse teeth, 17 cm.
Handmade Comb with fine and coarse teeth. Long and narrow.
Baxter Of California Pocket Comb, 13 cm.
Smart and practical comb just to have in your pocket.
Bluebeards Revenge Beard Comb, Liquid Wood
Beard Comb made of an eco-friendly and strong alternative to plastic.
Rockwell Beard Shaper
Ensures that even the largest beard can be trimmed, styled and tamed.
Pomp & Co. Military Comb
Beautiful and elegant comb, perfect for daily use.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Moustache Kit
Moustache Kit with Comb, Brush and Scissors.
Dovo Moustache Kit
Beard comb and beard scissors in a nice leather case.
Percy Nobleman Ultimate Grooming Box
The ultimate box that keeps your beard nice and well-groomed.
Percy Nobleman Complete Beard Care Kit
The perfect Gift Set for any bearded men.