Proshave Beard Cape

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This beard cape - also called beard bib or beard cap - is a must for any man who trims his beard.

You probably know the problem once you've trimmed your beard: there are beard stumps everywhere. Both in the sink, next to the sink and maybe even a little on the floor, which is often not visible at first glance. So after every trimming comes a half head cleaning of the bathroom.

Fortunately, it's over now!

Proshaves beard cape 'grabs' and effectively collects beard hair during trimming. After trimming, the beard stumps are assembled and just to be thrown in the trash. At the same time, the bathroom is kept neat and clean.

The beard cap is super easy to use. It is a men's apron that is buttoned around the neck. At the other end of the apron are two suction cups that you simply attach to the mirror. When you attach the suction cups, there must be a large gap between them so that the fabric forms just a surface where the beard hairs can land.

The beard sheath is black and produced in onesize to suit everyone.
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