Wax & Styling - Gel

Here on the site we have gathered our selection of delicious hair gel. A jelly for the hair is typically men's first styling product as it is easy to apply.

A hair jelly is a hair styling product that is used to give the hair hold, in order to style the hairstyle as desired. By using a hair gel you get a stronger hold than using hairspray and less hold than using hair wax. A hair gel thus holds the hair in place and gives definition and opportunity to be creative with your hairstyle.

In addition to holding, a gel also adds shine to the hair. One of the benefits of a hair gel is that it is water based and therefore really easy to wash out of the hair.

Depot Hold Strong Gel, No. 304, 200 ml.
Provides strong hold and maximum shine. Perfect for a wet look.
Depot Black Gel, No. 307, 125 ml.
Dyes hair/beard temporarily. Covers gray hair. Medium team.
Depot Medium Hold Gel, No. 313, 200 ml.
Gives a nice finish, flexibility and medium hold.
Pinaud Clubman Styling Gel, 453 gr.
Provides a natural styling of the hair. Doesn't grease.
Pinaud Clubman Brillantine, 96 gr.
Gives high shine and makes your hair easy to style.
Pinaud Clubman Styling Gel, 106 gr.
Gives a natural styling of the hair. Doesn't grease.
Styling gel with strong hold. Prevents scalp from drying.
Before EUR 32.70
Adds extreme hold and a lot of shine and definition.
Before EUR 32.70
Provides an easy hold and volume.
Before EUR 24.80
Provides medium hold and medium shine.
Before EUR 32.70