Geo F Trumper Hairdressing, Coronis, 200 ml.

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Coronis Geo F. Trumper Hairdressing - luxurious hair tonic with oil

Coronis Geo F. Trumper Hairdressing is a hair tonic in a special class, enriched with nourishing oils that radiate elegance and refinement.

This luxurious hair tonic offers a light, natural hold and embraces you with a refreshing scent of rosemary. Coronis Hairdressing not only adds style to your daily grooming, but also brings a sense of revitalization to both your hair and mind.

In addition to styling the hair, Coronis Hairdressing also creates the ideal conditions for healthy hair growth. This tonic is an indispensable tool in your daily routine as it helps maintain a healthy scalp and strengthens hair from root to tip.

Coronis Hairdressing is enriched with nourishing ingredients and oil additives that penetrate deep into the hair. This caring formula leaves hair silky smooth, shiny and resistant to dryness and damage.

Coronis Hairdressing is enriched with the subtle and sophisticated fragrance of Trumper's Skye range. This unique fragrance composition adds an extra dimension of luxury to your shaving experience and leaves you with an exquisite aroma all day long.

Used as follows:

Apply an appropriate amount of Coronis Hairdressing in the palms of your hands and spread it evenly through dry or slightly damp hair. Then style as desired and enjoy the refreshing fragrance experience and nurturing effects all day.

Coronis Geo F. Trumper Hairdressing comes in an elegant bottle that is not only practical but also exudes style and class. This tonic is designed for the modern man who wants both a sophisticated look and comprehensive care for his hair.

Coronis Hairdressing is ideal for any man who values ​​quality, style and care for his hair. Perfect for everyday use, it ensures a flawless and well-groomed hairstyle with a touch of luxury.
200 ml.
Light hold
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