Esprit de Valdemar Fougere, 600 ml.

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Esprit de Valdemar Fougère is a popular hair alcohol and body fragrance: Classic freshness in a bottle!

Take a trip back in time with the traditional green Fougère fragrance, which oozes masculine elegance and timeless charm.

The distinctive scent is a tribute to classic shaving and seductive masculinity.

This versatile formula can be used as both a hair spray and a body fragrance, making it the perfect choice for men who want a subtle and refreshing fragrance experience throughout the day.

The 59% alcohol content not only gives a pleasant scent, but also contributes to refreshing the skin and removing any odor.

Fougère Hair Alcohol and Body Fragrance comes in a practical plastic bottle that makes it easy to dose and store the product.

Treat yourself to the timeless freshness of Fougère and experience the ultimate masculine fragrance experience that stands out from the crowd.
600 ml.
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