Mother's Day

Your mother spoils you and your family year-round, and now it's her turn to be pampered. Many men choose to buy flowers for their mother - or children's mother - on Mother's Day. But what about thinking a little out of the box and coming up with a far more creative gift? All women love to be thought of, which is why we have put together a number of products that will definitely bring joy to your mother, boyfriend or wife.

Virtually all women will appreciate a gift that rhymes with self-indulgence. A gift that can give peace and opportunity to enjoy a moment in a luxurious universe. A mom needs to recharge her batteries, so how about giving her the opportunity to create a wellness-like experience at home in the bathroom?

Below we have put together our very best suggestions for the perfect, creative Mother's Day gift. Lovely care products that pamper both face and body are always a sure winner. Inspire and explore our great, wonderful gift universe with ideas for perfect gifts on Mother's Day.

Mühle Companion Safety Razor, Unisex, Rosègold
New revolutionary Safety Razor designed for both men and women.
Super delicious and fragrant hand cream.
Before 40.00 €
Lovely hand cream with a delicious scent.
Before 40.00 €
Nourishing and non-greasy hand lotion from Floris.
Before 45.00 €
Fragrant luxury soap in super fine packaging. Perfect hostess gift.
Before 24.75 €
Floris Lily, Eau de Toilette, 50 ml.
A perfectly balanced floral fragrance.
Floris Lily, Eau de Toilette, 10 ml.
A perfectly balanced floral fragrance.
Floris Single Soap, White Rose, 100 gr.
Fragrant luxury soap. Perfect hostess gift.
Mild and moisturizing hand soap. With notes from rose.
Before 42.00 €
Payot Crème Nº 2 Soothing Cashmere Cream, 50 ml.
Strengthens skin, minimizes redness, anti-stress and soothing. Rich texture.
Payot Moisturising Body Lotion, Rituel Douceur, 400 ml.
A delicious, non-greasy body lotion that protects the skin from drying out.
Payot Cleansing Body Oil, 400 ml.
A mild and soft bath oil that foams easily in contact with water.
Payot Douceur Relaxing Shower Oil, 400 ml.
A mild bath oil that foams easily in contact with water.
Zwilling Nail Clippers in Leather Cover, Gold
Exclusive Nail Clippers in stainless steel in gold.
Zwilling Nail File, Sapphire, 130 mm., Gold
Professional Nail File in exclusive design.
Zwilling Tweezers, Gold
Professional Tweezers with flat and slanted ends.
Valobra Gift Set, Primula, 5 x 45 gr.
Gift box with 5 delicious soaps in solid form.
Valobra Gift Set, Pratolina, 5 x 45 gr.
Gift box with 5 delicious soaps in solid form.
Get delicious and well-groomed feet with this foot care set.
Before 37.30 €
Skin Iceland Oxygen Infusion Night Cream, 56 gr.
Effective night cream that restores stressed skin.
Shine Iceland Pure Cloud Cream, 50 gr.
Light day cream that intensely moistures and minimizes fine lines.
Abhati Lip Balm, 10 ml.
Heels, moisturizes, and nourishes dry lips.
Abhati Shampoo, 300 ml.
Cleans, moisturizes, and strengthens hair and scalp.
Abhati Conditioner, 300 ml.
Adds moisture and nourishment. Gives you soft and silky hair.
Abhati Hair Oil, 50 ml.
Extremely efficient hair oil.
Shine Iceland Face Lift in a Bag
The set contains three different facegels that effectively fight lines.