Guide to the perfect shave - How to shave!

The ultimate guide to a close and irritation-free shave!
On this page you can see our guide to a perfect shave. If you follow the 5 individual steps, hopefully you will experience how you can take your shaving to the next level!

It's about:
1. Preparation
2. Selection of product
3. Application with a shaving brush
4. Shaving
5. Finishing

Let us elaborate on these points below:
1. Prepare the skin before shaving

1. Prepare the skin before shaving

Take a warm bath or wash your face with water
Take a shower before you shave. Firstly, it is important that you only shave on clean skin. Secondly, the warm water softens the beard, which ensures an easier shave.

If you don't have time for a hot bath, you can choose to wash your face thoroughly with warm water instead.
Apply a Preshave
A Preshave softens the beard and puts a protective film on the skin so that it is prepared for the meeting with the razor. By providing an easier glide over the skin, the risk of irritation and beard plague is reduced, and you get a closer and more comfortable shave.

Apply a preshave and massage it into the beard. Feel free to rub against the direction of the beard, as this "lifts" the beard and further prepares it for shaving. The preshave should not be rinsed off, but is the "base" for the following shaving foam. It is a good idea to splash a little water on top of the preshave before applying your shaving cream. In this way, you ensure that the preshave does not dry out.

You will find Preshave in the following consistencies: Cream, Oil, Gel and Soap.
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2. Choice of shaving products

Ready-made shaving foam
A shaving foam is really good for those days when you are busy but still want a great shave. A shaving foam in a bottle has the great advantage that it is ready to use. You therefore do not have to make any preparations, but simply apply it to the face. It doesn't get any easier!

Squeeze shaving foam into your hand. Massage it into the beard with your fingers and let it sit for a moment before you start shaving.
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Soft shaving cream
A shaving cream is soft in texture. It provides a rich and creamy shaving foam that moisturizes and leaves a protective film on the skin. A shaving cream can typically be applied directly to the face with the fingers, but you achieve the best result if you lather it up with your shaving brush.

Press a little shaving cream into the palm of your hand or into a bowl. Then use your shaving brush to make a creamy foam.
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Solid shaving soap
A shaving soap is the most traditional product when it comes to wet shaving. A shaving soap can be a little more difficult to lather than a shaving cream, but once you've mastered the technique you can make the tastiest, softest shaving foam.

Soften your shaving brush under running warm water. Run your brush around the soap to "charge" it. Once the brush is filled with soap, you can start applying it to your face.
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3. Application with a shaving brush

3. Application with a shaving brush

Use a shaving brush
Lather up shaving cream or shaving soap with your shaving brush. Then apply the product with soft, circular movements. This lifts the stubble from the skin and gently exfoliates.

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4. Shaving

4. Shaving

Razor and razor blade
The most important element in a comfortable shave without irritation is to use clean shaving equipment and a sharp razor blade. In this way, you prevent unnecessary bacteria from being part of your shave. Regularly rinse the razor under warm water and always shave with the hairs.

Are you in doubt about choosing a razor or razor blade?
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5. The final step

5. The final step

Rinse your razor and shaving brush
When you have finished shaving, it is important that you rinse your razor and shaving brush clean of shaving foam, soap residue and stubble. Gently shake the utensil to remove excess water. That way, both razor and shaving brush are ready to give you an irritation-free shave again next time.

Rinse the face
You can advantageously rinse your face thoroughly in cold water after shaving. Partly to remove residues from your shaving foam - and partly to close the pores again, thereby minimizing the risk of irritation. Then pat your face dry with a clean towel.
Apply Aftershave
Your skin needs extra moisture and care after your daily shave. It is therefore important that you finish your shave with a delicious aftershave.

An aftershave prevents irritation and minimizes the risk of red bumps, redness, itching and beard plague. It maintains the skin's moisture balance and has a calming effect.

Aftershaves come in different consistencies: Lotion, Splash, Balm, Cream and Gel. The first two contain alcohol and have a toning, refreshing and cooling effect. The last three are more like an ordinary face cream with very caring ingredients.
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- If you really want to pamper yourself, you can start your shave by softening your face with a soaked, warm towel. Exactly as you would experience at a real barber.

- Do not pull out ingrown hairs with tweezers. There is a good chance that the hair will break and not come out properly. Instead, pull the hair forward slightly with a pin and shave as usual. After a few weeks, the hair will most likely be normal again.

- Shave with the direction of the beard - never against.

- Frequently rinse the razor blade of soap residue and stubble under hot water while shaving.

- Use an alcohol-free aftershave lotion if you tend to have irritations and sensitive skin.

- Place your shaving brush in a holder after use so that it can air dry and be ready for the next use.

- And most importantly: A clean and sharp razor blade is the most important element when you need to achieve an irritation-free shave.

Have fun!

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