Guide: Get the ultimate shaving foam with shaving cream

Are you unsure how to lather a shaving cream into a whipped cream-like shaving foam? So watch here! Below we have created a guide that shows you step by step the way to a perfect shaving foam that makes your shave a wonderful experience.

It requires a little patience the first time you choose to replace the canned shaving foam with a shaving cream. But once you get the hang of the technique, you'll definitely love making your own glistening shaving foam.
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Soak the Shaving Brush in warm water.
Let it soak for a few minutes so that it absorbs a lot of water.


Give the brush a squeeze so that the water drains away.


Pour the hot water out of the bowl.


Pour the right amount of shaving cream into the bowl.
If your bowl is well heated by the water, it gives you a nice warm shaving foam.


Start stirring the bowl with the Shaving Brush. Use a rotating motion.
Feel free to "pump" to get a rich and creamy foam.
Add a little water to achieve the right consistency - Feel free to do this several times.
Continue to stir your foam until it is thick and creamy. You should not be able to remove the foam from the side of the bowl when you run the brush over it. Large bubbles are a sign of too much water.


Apply your shaving foam and enjoy a shave with the perfect lather!

Other good tips for you:

Test whether the consistency is correct
You can test the consistency of your shaving foam by spreading it on your hand in an even layer. When you squeeze your hand together and open again, the shaving foam should still be covering and creamy.
How to clean your shaving brush
After shaving, thoroughly rinse the shaving brush clean of soap residue. Carefully squeeze the water out of the shaving brush and shake it over the sink so that it is as dry as possible.
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Hang the razor in a stand
Leave or hang the razor to dry so it is ready for the next shave. It is a very good idea to hang the shaving brush on a stand with the bristles facing down, so that all excess water can run off. In this way, you ensure the shape and lifespan of the shaving brush.
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Have fun!

Equipment used in this guide is:
Shaving cream
Shaving brush

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