Guide: How to clean and maintain a shaving brush

How do I clean my shaving brush? Do I have to clean the brush every day after I shave? Can I use boiling water to clean the shaving brush in? Should the shaving brush be soaked after shaving? Is it necessary to buy a holder for my shaving brush?

We get a lot of questions every day about the maintenance and cleaning of shaving brushes. We have therefore created this guide so that in the future you are better equipped to take care of your shaving kit optimally.

A shaving brush is made to last for many years. However, it requires that you treat it with care - i.e. clean and sanitize it. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to treat the brush, so that it retains its shape, function and durability for as long as possible. Just read along here...
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Step by step: Clean and hygienic shaving brush

It is important that your shaving brush is rinsed free of soap residue after use, so that soap and lime are not allowed to sit in the bristles, as this can over time make the bristles porous and break down the glue in the knot itself.

In the following, you can read our step-by-step guide for daily cleaning of your shaving brush - and a guide for "main cleaning" of your shaving brush:
Daily cleaning of your shaving brush

1) Rinse the brush in lukewarm water so that all soap residue is washed out of the bristles.
Note: The water must max. be 45 degrees. It is important that you never use boiling water, as it destroys both the quality of the hair and the glue that holds the brush together

2) Squeeze the brush gently (do not pull) and shake excess water from the brush

3) Place the brush in its holder and let it air dry

Note! Avoid putting the wet shaving brush in a closed cabinet, as it cannot get rid of the moisture.
Continuous cleaning and maintenance: 
To remove limescale residues from the brush, you can from time to time (or as needed) place the brush with the bristles in a mild vinegar solution (1:10) and leave it for a few minutes. 

Then rinse the brush under running water and wash the bristles with a mild shampoo. 

Finally, rinse the brush, squeeze it carefully and place the air suspension in your holder. Your brush is now clean. The first few shaves it might smell a little like vinegar, but that disappears quickly.

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