Guide: Which razor blades should I choose?

We very often get questions about which razor blades to choose for your new Safety Razor.

Many have searched the web and read about the sharpest blades, which blades are not so sharp, which ones should not be used as a beginner, etc. - Fortunately, it is not rocket science, although some try to make it so.

Basically, you can say that there is a very big difference between beard, beard growth, skin and skin sensitivity.

In the same way, there is a difference in how the manufacturers make their razor blades, how the blades are sharpened, how or with what they are coated (given a protective surface coating), etc.

In other words, this means that the blade that provides the perfect razor for one user is not necessarily the one that is the perfect razor blade for another.
Therefore we recommend:

Therefore we recommend:

For the same reason, we always recommend that you as a new user, along with a Safety Razor, get 3, 4 or maybe even 5 different razor blades, so that you can try some different blades together with the razor and see which blade best suits your skin and your beard. The blade you get the best experience with is the one you should get in the future (You can of course easily experiment and have some different blades to switch between, as many users do, but it is absolutely not necessary).

For this purpose, we have created a "Proshave Sample Pack, 10 x Double Edge Blades". This small set contains 10 different razor blades, so that without having to buy razor blades for a small fortune, you have the opportunity to try some different blades and see which blades you prefer over others.
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Frequently asked questions

I've heard that Feather razor blades are way too sharp and only advanced users can use them?

It's nonsense :-)
The Feather blades are known for being sharp blades, but that in no way means that you will cut off your ear if you shake your hand a bit ;-)
As with all double edge blades in a Safety Razor, take it easy the first few times to get comfortable with your new tackle and the way the blade is exposed.

So you don't cut yourself much with a Safety Razor?

NO! - But you have to take it easy at first and get to know your new razor.
Also remember to read our guide to the ultimate shave .

Of course, you should not move the razor sideways across the skin (regardless of which double edge blade you use) or you will get a tear. But you also do that with a Gillette Fusion blade - here you just get 6 tears instead of one :-)

Again - take it easy and get familiar with your new razor. Let the weight of the razor do the work and don't press it against the skin.

Did we mention that you should remember to read our guide to the ultimate shave? ;-)
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