Guide: How to clean and maintain a Razor

A Safety Razor is a great investment that will save you a small fortune on razor blades. You can enjoy a Safety Razor in top shape for many years to come if you simply clean and maintain it after use.

A clean razor is essential for a perfect shaving experience and a smooth shave.
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Step by step: Clean and hygienic razor

It is important to clean your razor after use to remove shaving foam, dead skin cells, stubble and the thin layer of fat that settles on the blade after a shave and makes it feel dull prematurely.

By cleaning the razor, you also ensure that it always looks nice and shiny.

In the following, you can read our step-by-step guide on how you should clean your razor on a daily basis, weekly basis and what extra effort you can do in between to ensure its efficiency and performance.
Daily cleaning of razor
Do after every shave.

1) Loosen all parts of the razor

2) Clean the razor under running, lukewarm water

3) Shake the razor to remove as much water as possible.

4) Dry it in a clean towel so that it is completely dry. 
Note: Be very careful as long as you have a razor blade in. It can damage both towel and blade if you are not careful
Monthly cleaning of your razor
It is obvious to do every time you change the razor blade in the razor, since you have the parts separated in that connection anyway.

Disassemble the razor

Rinse the razor under lukewarm water

Use a soft toothbrush (dip it in soapy water if necessary) to clean all parts of the razor. By using a toothbrush, you can more easily get into all the nooks and crannies of the razor

Carefully dry all parts in a towel

Collect the razor and dip it if necessary in a glass with alcohol, to disinfect and kill bacteria

Place the razor in your stand if you have one - or place it carefully on the bathroom shelf
How to dissolve limescale
Make a vinegar solution with 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water

Place the razor in the solution for 15 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on it

Scrub with an old toothbrush to remove limescale

Rinse under lukewarm water

Shake the razor and dry with a clean towel

Hang your razor back on the stand
Products for cleaning a razor

Products for cleaning a razor

Nourishing maintenance oil for razors
We have some fantastic maintenance oils in the range which protect the razor blade and remove dirt, grease and excess product from the razor. In other words, an oil keeps your razor in perfect condition.

It helps prevent corrosion, meaning your razor will continue to shine and stay rust-free through years of use.

The oil can even be used on natural materials such as wood, horn and leather, as it penetrates and cares for the material.

We recommend using oil once a week. The oil can be easily sprayed on the surface as needed and wiped off with a clean cloth.
Products for cleaning and maintaining a razor
Silicone plate for sharpening razor blades
It is not only the razor itself, but also the razor blade that you can maintain and extend the life of.

A RazorPit is a silicone plate where you apply a dab of shaving foam and then push the blade, against the direction of shaving, across the plate a few times. It removes the dead skin cells and the thin layer of fat that settles on the blades after a shave and makes them feel dull long before they actually are.

Use your Razorpit to regularly maintain your razor blades to get far more shaves per blade.

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