RazorPit, Sliber for razor blades

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RazorPit gives your razor blades new life, saving you a small fortune.

Razorpit cleans and cleans your razor blades for the deposits of fat, beard residue and dead skin cells that settle on the blade and make the blade appear dull before time. This way, you get MUCH more shaving out of your cassette blades.

If you use RazorPit regularly to maintain your blades, you can get up to 150 shaves with the same blades!

Your Razorpit will not be worn by these cleaning, and once you have purchased a RazorPit you can use it for a long time to come. RazorPit does not fill it much in the closet and can also act as a holder for your razor.

Razorpit can be used for all razors on the market. These include Gillette Mach 3, Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, Gillette Mach 3 Power, Gillette Mach 3 Power Turbo, Gillette Fusion, Gillette Fusion Power, Gillette Venus, Gillette Venus Devine, Gillette Vibrance, Wilkinson Sword and many others.

Of course, you can also use RazorPit to maintain your DE razor blades!

Here's how:
Apply shaving cream or razor jelly to the horizontal surface of your Razorpit and push the razors cut into the soft surface while pushing the razor forward (as opposed to normal shaving direction).

Repeat this movement 3-4 times, after which both razor and Razorpit are rinsed under running water. If shaving gel is used, it must be massaged to foam before the cleaning process is performed, otherwise the jelly may be difficult to flush out between the razor shears.

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