Guide: How to choose the right shaving brush

You have decided to invest in a shaving brush for a fantastic, traditional wet shave. You click under Proshave's tab "Barberkost" and discover that the range is enormous! For which shaving brush should you choose? And what is the difference between the different shaving brushes?

Don't worry: It's not as unmanageable as it seems! We have created this guide to help you find the perfect shaving brush. Below we have listed the factors that come into play when choosing the perfect shaving brush for your daily shave.
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But first: why do I need a shaving brush?

You simply need to use a shaving brush to get a better, closer and more comfortable shave.

The shaving brush is used to lather your shaving cream/shaving soap into a delicious, velvety shaving foam. And it is a real pleasure to distribute the shaving foam with a proper shaving brush. The shaving brush exfoliates the skin and therefore removes dead skin cells.

It also has the great advantage that it lifts your stubble from the skin, so that your scraper can get hold of even the smallest hairs. You thus achieve a close and smooth shave.
Step 1) Brush hair

Step 1) Brush hair

At Proshave, you can generally choose between 3 types of bristles for your shaving brush:
- Boar (Natural hair)
- Fibers
- Badger (Badger hair)

Boar - Natural hair
The so-called boar brush is made from pig hair (Some manufacturers also make boar brush from horse hair). The brush is somewhat stiffer than a badger brush, and therefore has a massaging effect on the skin. However, it gets softer with time.

A boar bristle brush is an excellent beginner brush. Want to find out if traditional shaving with a shaving brush is for you? Then it is quite obvious to start with a brush at the cheaper end. You will find the boar brushes here.
Fibre Brush
At Proshave we have different types of fiber brushes: Black Fiber, High Mountain White Fiber and Silvertip Fiber®.

A fiber brush is the right choice if you want a shaving brush without animal hair. The brushes are very similar to a badger brush, and are therefore soft, robust and hard-wearing.

If you are looking for the best in fiber brush, you should definitely choose a Silvertip Fiber® shaving brush from Mühle. The fibers are soft, absorbent and durable. You thus get the many fantastic properties of a real badger brush, but the price is a little lower.
Badger Hair
Do you want to go one step further and have a shaving brush of the absolute best quality? Then a badger brush is the perfect choice for you. Roughly speaking, badger shaving brushes can be divided into Pure Badger, Finest Badger and Silvertip Badger.

Pure Badger is the most common type of badger hair and thus also the cheapest. The natural badger hair is very flexible, but is not nearly as soft as Silvertip Badger or Silvertip Fibre. The brush therefore has a massaging effect on the skin, which removes dead skin cells and initiates cell renewal.

Fine Badger lies between Pure Badger and Silvertip Badger in terms of softness. The brush has good suction and is very comfortable to use.

Silvertip Badger is the pinnacle of shaving brushes. The brush is the most expensive and best thing from the badger and it is characterized by soft, flexible and strong bristles, which ensure you an absolutely fantastic shave. The brush is for the connoisseur who will not compromise on quality.
Step 2) Knot size

Step 2) Knot size

Shaving brushes are made with different knot sizes, typically ranging from 20 mm. to 30 mm. The knob size denotes the diameter of the brush itself, where it is "glued" together at the handle. A medium brush will normally have a knot size between 21 and 23 mm.

Whether you choose a small, medium or large brush largely depends on personal preference. In fact, the size of the knots has a minimal effect on how the foam turns out. Two identical brushes with different knot sizes will therefore lather equally well, but the small brush may need more water as it has less suction.

But why invest extra money in a big brush?
A large brush acts more firmly and therefore holds more water and heat, which can give a more luxurious feeling. A large brush is best for you who have a complete check on your wet shaving, as the foam is a little difficult to control. You will therefore find it easier to control and apply the shaving foam with a small/medium brush. A large shaving brush with a knot about 26 mm. is also optimal for men with large hands.
Step 3) The material of the handle

Step 3) The material of the handle

The shaving brushes are made in many different designs, shapes and materials in a multitude of nice colours. Since the performance of the handle does not depend on the material, we recommend you choose the one you think looks best.

All the razors have a handle that fits well in the hand. However, you should be aware that it can be advantageous to choose a slightly larger handle if you have a large hand - and correspondingly a slightly smaller brush if your hand is on the small side.

For example, you will find shaving brushes with handles in stylish chrome, plum wood, ash, brown horn, olive wood, moss oak, porcelain and lots of other varieties that will attract positive attention.

So what are you for? And which material would you like to have standing in front of the bathroom?
Don't forget a stand to your brush

Don't forget a stand to your brush

If you know in advance that you want a complete set that can stand out, it will be obvious to have a stand in mind when you invest in your shaving brush. It can be a bit of a science to find the stand that fits the brush perfectly.

For example, Mühle has made stands for shaving brushes (and razors) that fit specifically to the individual product. The stand must fit tightly around the handle so that the brush does not fall down. A shaving brush should always hang with the bristles downwards, so that excess water can run off after you shave.

When buying a stand, it is important to note which model your shaving brush has or which series it belongs to. That way, you can more easily find which stand fits.
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You can also get your shaving brush in a complete shaving set

You can also get your shaving brush in a complete shaving set

We also have a gigantic assortment of shaving sets. You will find shaving sets with the different shaving brushes that we have presented above.

Are you more into Black Fiber, Silvertip Fiber®, Pure Badger, Finest Badger or SIlvertip Badger?

If you know which brush you are looking for, you can sort through the filters on the left. That way, you can choose to see only the type of brush you're looking for. It makes the hunt much easier and more manageable!
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