Black Fibre Shaving Brush

Here you will find our shaving brush, with bristles in the type Black Fiber.

Black Fiber is 100% vegan fiber. They look like natural hair and have just as good properties as these. However, the fibers are somewhat more robust and perhaps even more durable. The shaving brush creates an extremely delicious and creamy shaving cream out of your shaving cream or shaving soap.

The design is minimalist and simple. Super nice to have standing in front of any bathroom.

Mühle Shaving Brush, Black Fibre, 21 mm, Rytmo, Ash
Handle in Steamed Ash. Brush made of Black Fibre.
OneBlade Shaving Brush, 20 mm. Premium Synthetic
Delicious OneBlade Shaving Brush with synthetic fibers.
The Holy Black Barber Costume, Fiber
Brush with soft, effective fibers. 23 mm. knot.
Pearl Shaving Brush, Synthetic hair, Resin
Shaving brush with synthetic hair. Vegan.