Guide: How to get hot shaving foam with a scuttle


Soak the razor in warm water. Let it soak for a few minutes so that it absorbs a lot of water.


Fill the outer bowl with hot water. If the water in the tap is not particularly hot, use a ladle of boiling water from an electric kettle and mix it with the water from the tap. It is important that the water does not get too hot as it could destroy the properties of the foam - experiment with the best temperature :-)


Immerse the inner bowl in the hot water so that it is heated and warm.


Pour the shaving cream into your Scuttle. - If you use a solid shaving soap, leave the brush on the soap.


Start stirring the bowl with the razor. Use a rotating motion. Feel free to "pump" to get a rich and creamy foam.


Enjoy a good shave when your warm shaving foam is ready.


When you clean your Proshave Scuttle, you just pour the water from the outer bowl and rinse the inner bowl under running water. Wipe the bowls to avoid lime deposits.
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