Guide: How to shave your legs

Step by step: How to get smooth and silky legs
1. Warm up the skin before you start shaving. We recommend you take a warm bath, as the warm water softens the hairs and makes the skin less irritated. It is therefore a good idea to shave during or just after the bath - preferably in a warm room.

2. Afterwards, pat your legs dry with a towel.

3. Apply a preshave to soften the hairs and lay a protective layer so that the razor does not cut the skin itself, but instead grabs the stubble. By giving your razor an easier glide, the risk of irritation and beard plague is reduced, and you get a closer and much more comfortable shave.

4. Squeeze your shaving foam into your hand and distribute it on your legs. Let the foam sit for a moment to allow it to penetrate.

5. Shave the legs with your razor. Always remember to shave with the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs and unnecessary irritation. You must also remember to rinse the razor blade in hot water often.

6. Finish with an aftershave to prevent dryness and reduce the risk of redness. An aftershave maintains the skin's moisture balance and soothes the skin with its caring ingredients.
Find the right razor

Find the right razor

Safety Razor from the MÜHLES COMPANION series
This revolutionary Safety Razor from Mühle is perfect for shaving legs! It has many advantages:

- The razor is gentler than a regular Safety Razor and is therefore even easier for beginners to use.
- The COMPANION razor has a longer handle, which makes it ideal for shaving e.g. leg.
- Compared to other Safety Razor, the COMPANION razor has extra protection on both sides of the top plate. It enables you to find the ideal angle for shaving without cutting yourself on the edges of the razor blade.
- Completely plastic-free, but made of super durable materials.
- And then the razor blades are very expensice! You therefore no longer have to compromise on the sharpness of the blade. This ensures a smooth, close and comfortable shave with a minimum of irritation.

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Multi-blade razor
If you prefer a razor with multiple blades, we would definitely recommend the Evolution 6 razor from LEA. A fantastic multi-blade razor with an ergonomic handle and a good weight, which ensures you a perfect grip. The razor has a total of 6 blades and thus helps you to have a smooth and close shave

Compared to the market-leading multi-blade razor, LEA's version has the great advantage that neither razor nor razor blades cost a fortune.
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Products for leg shaving

Products for leg shaving

Shaving foam
Proraso makes some really great shaving foams at a very low price that are great for shaving legs. Perhaps you have already tried the very cheap shaving foams from the supermarket? Here you most likely experienced that the foam simply disappeared between the fingers when it was applied. This is not the case with Proraso's editions. The fat, delicious shaving foam leaves a protective film on the skin. It is available in several different variants.
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Aftershave Balm
Always finish your shave with an aftershave, to ensure the right skin care. Proraso's white aftershave is alcohol-free and non-greasy. It soothes the skin, nourishes and provides optimal care, so you avoid irritation and redness.
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