Guide: How to intimate shave

Irritation-free intimate shaving - Step by step

Many men and women have problems with red bumps, ingrown hairs and beard plague in connection with their intimate shaving. In this article, we have collected some good advice that you can use to achieve a comfortable shave with a minimum of irritation. We continuously link to the products you should use to achieve as close and smooth a shave as possible.

1 - Trim the hairs

If it's the first time you've shaved intimately, or it's been a long time since you last did it, it's a really good idea to start by trimming the hairs. You can choose to use a trimmer or scissors for this purpose. Trimming the hairs makes it easier for the razor to do its job as it is not designed to remove longer stubble.
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2 - Take a shower

2 - Take a shower

Take a bath to remove dirt and grime from the area, as this can cause irritation. Use products without perfume, as the skin is more sensitive here. A bath softens the hairs, hair follicles and skin, so that intimate shaving proceeds more easily. Warm water also makes the skin less sore and reduces irritation.
3 - Soften the hair

3 - Soften the hair

Apply a preshave to the area you want to shave and let it sit for a moment. A preshave softens the hairs and lays down a protective film so that the razor does not cut the skin itself, but grabs the stubble. It gives your razor an easier glide, which reduces the risk of beard plague and irritations, which you don't want when shaving the most intimate areas.
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4 - Apply a protective product

4 - Apply a protective product

Leave the preshave on and then apply a shaving foam, shaving gel, shaving oil or shaving cream. Choose the shaving product with the consistency you like best. They soften the hair and are essential for a perfect result! Preferably choose some mild products without perfume for the purpose.

We can highly recommend the products in the white series from Proraso when you need to shave intimately. You will find shaving cream, shaving soap and shaving foam in the series, which are mild and made especially for sensitive skin.

They can be used by both men and women.
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5 - Shave

5 - Shave

The shaving itself is alpha and omega and here it's all about taking your time. We recommend that you shave with the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs and unnecessary irritation. However, it may be necessary to shave against the hairs, for a completely smooth shave, but do not run the razor over the same area more than twice. Stretch the skin as you work and rinse the razor in warm water between each stroke. Always use a clean and sharp razor blade for best results.

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Safety Razor
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6 - Rinse

It's a good idea to hop back in the shower after you finish your intimate shave to remove excess product and hair. You can advantageously rinse the skin in cold water, as it closes the pores and soothes the skin.
7 - Apply aftershave

7 - Apply aftershave

Finish your intimate shave with an aftershave to prevent dryness and reduce the risk of redness. An aftershave maintains the skin's moisture balance and soothes the skin with its caring ingredients. We recommend an alcohol-free aftershave, it is much more pleasant.
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Now that you're done, remember to check the result in the mirror, it may require some adjustments with either scissors or a razor blade. You must be sure that your intimate shaving is sharp and that you are satisfied with the result.
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