Guide: Shaving brushes and bristles

You may be in doubt about which shaving brush you should choose - and what the difference is between the different brush types. Below we explain what characterizes the bristles that can be bought at Proshave. We hope you will be clued into which shaving brush best suits your needs when you have finished reading the article.

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Badger hair has been used for shaving brushes for more than two hundred years. Natural badger hair is thus the completely traditional brush type when it comes to a traditional wet shave - and also the type most people choose their shaving brush to be made of.

A badger brush comes in several different variants:

- Pure Badger
- Fine Badger
- Super Badger
- Silvertip Badger

However, be aware that the meaning and designation of the types may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.
- Pure Badger

- Pure Badger

Pure Badger is the most common type of badger hair - and thus also the cheapest. The natural badger bristles are a bit coarser and not nearly as soft as the other Badger brushes. The brush thus has a massaging effect on the skin, which removes dead skin cells, initiates cell renewal and prepares the stubble for subsequent shaving.

With a Pure Badger shaving brush, you get a solid and durable brush. The color of the hair can vary in the range from brown, gray to slightly darker shades.
Pure Badger Brushes
- Finest/Fine Badger

- Finest/Fine Badger

A Finest Badger - or Fine Badger - shaving brush is made from soft, natural badger hair. Fine Badger is a classification that lies in between Pure Badger and Silvertip Badger: it is firmer than a Silvertip Badger and softer than a Pure Badger.

Perfect for those who value a medium-hard shaving brush with a pleasant massaging effect.

Fine Badger has a light gray color with a darker stripe, which is typically characteristic of high quality bristles.
Finest Badger Brushes
- Super Badger

- Super Badger

Super Badger bristles are premium badger bristles, usually considered a level better than Fine Badger. Super Badger is very soft against the skin on the face and creates an intensely silky shaving foam. It is denser and has a better water holding capacity than the shaving brushes we have presented above.

The Super Badger brush has a light color with a dark band, which makes it beautiful and exclusive to look at.

It is very durable and you can therefore enjoy it for many years to come.
Super Badger Brushes
- Silvertip Badger

- Silvertip Badger

Do you want to go one step further and have a shaving brush of the absolute best quality? Then a Silvertip Badger brush is the perfect choice. Silvertip Badger is considered the very best type of badger hair. A Silvertip shaving brush is characterized by soft hairs that almost feel like a soft sponge when you move it against the skin. The hairs are flexible and strong - and ensure you a shaving experience beyond the usual.

A Silvertip Badger stands out cosmetically in that it has a very distinct dark line, which contrasts with the otherwise light, silvery color of the brush.

The quality of the brush naturally means that it is placed at the expensive end in terms of price. The brush is therefore ideal for the connoisseur who does not want to compromise with his shaving equipment.
Silvertip Badger Brushes


A fiber brush is the right choice if you want a shaving brush that is not made of natural animal hair. The brush is very similar to a badger brush in terms of performance, and is therefore soft, robust and very hard-wearing.

Some prefer this type of brush because of its vegan properties, but a brush like this is also obvious for those of you who cannot tolerate animal hair.

At Proshave we have two types of shaving brushes with fibres:
- Black Fibre
- Silvertip Fiber
- Black Fiber

- Black Fiber

Black Fiber bristles are 100% vegan quality bristles. The dark color and softness make the synthetic fibers resemble natural hair, but they are actually a bit more robust.

Although the fibers are synthetic, they have just as good properties as natural bristles. Black Fiber produces a special, creamy shaving foam that ensures you a perfect shave every time.
Black Fibre Brushes
- Silvertip Fibre®

- Silvertip Fibre®

Silvertip Fibre® is Mühle's high-tech synthetic fibre. This version is the ultimate in fiber brushes and according to Mühle, they have managed to surpass nature itself. The fibers are soft and extra durable, which means that the shaving brush will last for many years.

Silvertip Fibre® is an innovative solution which ensures that the badger can keep its beautiful hair in peace. The advantage of this type of brush is that the fibers dry much faster than natural hair - and in addition, you don't need to use nearly as much shaving cream or shaving soap to get an optimal shaving foam.

The fibers are first-class quality and must be experienced without a doubt!
Silvertip Fibre Brushes


A brush made of natural hair is somewhat stiffer than a badger brush, and therefore has a strong, massaging effect on the skin.

A natural hair shaving brush is an excellent beginner brush for those of you who want to find out if a traditional shaving brush is something you like.
- Boar

- Boar

The so-called Boar brushes are made from pig hair.

Boar brushes typically have the same stiffness as an artificial brush, but as the hairs have a better absorbent capacity and can contain more water, a Boar brush provides better foaming of the soap or shaving cream.

The brush has an exfoliating effect and lifts the stubble from the skin.
Boar Brushes

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