Guide: How to avoid beard plague

We know that a great many men (and for that matter also women) suffer from beard plague, which are red bumps, itching, soreness and irritated skin that come after the daily shave. Beard plague can be very bothersome and difficult to get rid of - but luckily we have some tips up our sleeve that we really want to share with you. In this guide, we tell you what you can do in the future to significantly minimize the risk of beard plague.

But first - what is Beard plague?

Beard plague is a harmless and very common inflammatory condition that can occur in the hair follicles after shaving. The infection typically occurs if you use shaving equipment that is not clean or use dirty towels/washcloths to wipe your face before, during or after your shave.

Symptoms of bearded plague
Beard plague can look and feel in different ways. However, it will typically be these symptoms that are prominent:

- Small red bumps
- Reddish skin
- Painful skin
- Itching or soreness
- Small fluid-filled blisters

Who gets beard plague

Everyone is at risk of getting beard plague. However, some skin types are more prone to beard plague than others. This applies, for example, to men with delicate/sensitive skin and men with oily skin, as the latter produces extra. If you have one of these skin types, you must pay extra attention to follow the advice we provide here:

Step by step: How to avoid beard plague?

Step 1: Wash the face
It is of great importance for the result of your shave that your skin is completely clean.
Therefore, start your shaving routine by cleansing the skin, or shave right after you have showered.
In this way, you remove dirt, grime and excess fat, which can clog pores and cause impurities.

Step 2: Apply Preshave
A preshave is an indispensable product if you want a perfect shave without irritation.
A preshave puts a protective film on the skin and softens the stubble.
It ensures an even better glide for your razor and thus reduces the risk of irritation.

Step 3: Apply product
Choose between a shaving foam in a bottle, a shaving soap or a shaving cream.
The purpose of the products is to moisten and give your razor an optimal glide, so that you avoid tears and irritations.

Step 4: Sharp and clean razor blade
The most important element in a comfortable shave without irritation is to use clean shaving equipment and a sharp razor blade.
In this way, you prevent unnecessary bacteria from being part of your shave.

Step 5: Shave with the hairs
Always shave with the direction of the beard - never against. This is to avoid burning and ingrown hairs.
Rinse the razor regularly under warm water while you shave.
Feel free to shave in front of a mirror so you can keep an eye on what you are doing

Step 6: Apply aftershave
Finish your shave by rinsing your face in cold water and patting gently with a clean towel.
Then apply your aftershave. Feel free to use an aftershave balm, as it is milder than an aftershave lotion.
The balm adds the right amount of moisture and care to freshly shaved skin.

Other important tips:
- Wash the razor carefully after use
- Change your towels daily
- Never borrow shaving equipment or a towel from others - and don't leave your own out either

Still having problems?

... Then there is only one piece of advice to follow: Let the beard grow.
If you can't get rid of the beard plague, it's a good idea to try and let the beard grow out. By growing a full beard for a period, you give your skin peace and therefore remove the conditions for beard plague to spread.
Products we recommend

Products we recommend

Ingrown Hair Treatment, Anthony 
Anthony has created an Ingrown Hair Treatment which is an indispensable miracle product. It effectively fights the infection once the problem has arrived. It must be applied in a thin layer to the skin. In the beginning, it is a good idea to do both morning and evening. You will already feel an improvement after a week.
See it there
Beard Balm
It is then a good idea to use a soothing balm. It minimizes discomfort, itching, irritations and redness. Make sure to get the balm under the stubble, so the skin before the optimal moisture and care.
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Preshave for sensitive skin 
And then there was the preshave! Many men skip using a preshave as the first step in shaving - and this is a big mistake. A preshave lays down a protective membrane so that your razor glides more easily over the skin. By minimizing the occurrence of tears and cuts, you also reduce the risk of beard plague.
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Shave Cut Healing Gel
Proraso's Shave Cut Healing Gel stops the bleeding if you accidentally cut yourself or get a small tear. Apply a small amount of gel to the tear and the bleeding will stop.
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Alum block
An alum block has an antiseptic effect and is super good if you tend to get irritated or burn after shaving. It closes the pores and cools the skin.
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