Guide: How to choose the right razor

You have decided to invest in a new razor for a smooth and close shave. But you have doubts about which razor to choose - and what the difference is between all the razors you find in Proshave's range.

But don't worry: It's not as unmanageable as you think! We have created this guide to help you find the right razor for your needs.
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The special thing about a traditional Safety Razor (Double Edge Razor) is that it uses the classic, square razor blades, which are sharp on both sides. The Safety Razor only needs to be moved over the skin once to remove the stubble. This also means that many people get a far more comfortable shave without irritation.

We have a large, delicious range of Safety Razors in all price ranges. There is a big difference in material, appearance, shape and design. What the razors have in common, however, is that they fit well in the hand. Choose the one you think is the most beautiful and which you would be happy to have standing in front of the bathroom.
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- Should you choose an open or closed comb?
When you buy a safety razor, you can choose to buy one with an open comb or a closed comb. What you choose is a matter of taste and depends on beard growth and facial skin type.

However, it is a good idea to start out with a closed comb. This is the most common type and will usually give you a gentler shave. With a closed comb, you can easily get the technique in place and achieve an absolutely fantastic shave.

An open-comb razor, on the other hand, gives a more aggressive shave, as the blade gets a little closer to the stubble. It is particularly good for longer beards and multi-day stubble. It lets the stubble come between the comb, so you can more easily achieve a close shave on these days.

- Should you choose a standard size or one with a long handle?
In Mühle's range you will find the so-called "grande" razors, which have a longer handle. The same applies to the razors from Merkur. 90% start out with a standard size, but if you have extra large hands, you can advantageously choose a slightly larger model.

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- Twist-to-open Razors/Butterfly opening
A twist-to-open razor or a razor with a butterfly opening has a special turning function at the end of the handle, which, using special fine mechanics, makes it easy to replace the razor blade, so you don't have to turn the "head" itself off every time you change the razor blade.

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2. Adjustable Safety Razor

2. Adjustable Safety Razor

With an adjustable razor, you can set the angle of the blade and thus the aggressiveness of the razor. As a beginner, you can set the razor to the mildest setting and slowly adjust it until you find just the setting that gives you the best shave. The greater the distance, the more the razor will stick.

There is a big difference between beards, beard growth, skin types and skin sensitivity. This means that it is also individual when your shave sits right in the eye. It's all about trying your hand - and an adjustable razor is really good for that.
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3. Multi-blade Razor

3. Multi-blade Razor

There are a lot of men who use a Gillette Mach3 or Gillette Fusion Razor. These are also known as multi-blade razors because each razor blade has more than just a single blade.

We can quickly agree that multi-blade Razors often ooze discount and certainly do not decorate the bathroom. But luckily there is a way for that! Here at Proshave, we have a large selection of multi-blade razors that are made of exclusive materials. You can easily and quickly replace the rubber handle with a new, beautiful handle made of, for example, aluminium, plum wood, ash, carbon, horn, moss oak, olive wood, porcelain, stainless steel or a completely different type.
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A Straight razor is the classic model that more and more people are returning to in search of a traditional shave.

The advantage of using a classic straight razor is that you achieve a very close and smooth shave. You only need to run the knife over the skin once to remove the stubble, which minimizes the risk of irritation and beard plague.

A straight razor requires a little work on your part. This is because it has a fixed blade that cannot be replaced. It is therefore important that you clean, sand and care with a leather strap and sanding paste when it starts to become dull.

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A Shavette resembles a Straight razor in many ways. Instead of a fixed blade, however, a Shavette has a replaceable blade that only needs to be changed when needed. In other words, you avoid having to maintain the blade.

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