Pils Rasur Shaving Soap in tube of Stainless Steel, 50 gr.

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Steel tube with stainless steel with screw lid and shaving soap.
The ultimate luxury for traveling when you need to carry your shavestick with you.

A good shaving soap should ensure two things; optimal softening of the beard and friction to the scraper / blade.

Pils Barber Soap is excellent for both and provides good protection to avoid razor burn and skin irritation.

The barber soap is based on vegetable oils and is thus sebum-free. With daily shaving, a shavestick like this will last for approx. 2-3 months.

Comes in super delicious stainless steel tubing with screw cap. Brilliant for the toilet bag / travel.

When the shavestick is used up, [url = / pils-barbersaebe-in-plasticroer-m-layer-50-gr.aspx] shavestick in plastic tubes is used as a refill. [/ Url]

Of course, other types of shavestick can also be used in this great container.

Content: 50 gr.
50 gr.
Stainless steel
3,4 cm. (inner)
Use for:
All skin types
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