Merkur Super Platinum Double Edge Blades, 10 pcs.

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Mercury's Super Platinum razor blades have for the last several years set the standard for Double Edge blades and are today used almost as a benchmark when comparing sharpness and durability.

The razor blades are sharp on both sides (hence the name Double Edge). In practice, this means that you spend one week on one side of the magazine and the week after you use the other side. Then you change the magazine to a new one and can rejoice that you just saved a lot relative to the major market leading manufacturers' blades.

One pack contains 10 razor blades

If you are not using a double edge razor today, hurry to switch. A Double Edge razor has a lot of advantages:

- You get a perfect and close shave

- You save a fortune on razor blades in the future

- You buy a razor that you have for the rest of your life
10 stk.
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