Klar Seifen Body Care

Klar Seifen presents an exclusive series of body care products that combine natural ingredients with German expertise.

With ingredients such as saffron, this range offers everything from moisturizing body creams to nourishing oils and exfoliating scrubs that gently care for and revitalize the skin.

Each product is designed to meet the needs of the quality-conscious man and woman seeking in-depth care and natural well-being.

Klar Seifen's body care products are developed to leave the skin silky soft, hydrated and with a healthy glow, while the natural scents soothe the mind.

Take the step into the world of extraordinary body care with Klar Seifen and experience the difference that dedicated craftsmanship and pure ingredients make for your skin.

Klar Seifen Body Butter, Argan Oil & Fig, 60 gr.
Innovative body cream in solid form. Very moisturizing.
Klar Seifen Body Butter, Sensitive, Fragrance free, 60 gr.
Innovative body cream in solid form. Fragrance free.
Klar Seifen Deodorant Cream, Lemongrass, 30 ml.
Prevents sweat, neutralizes odors and cares for the skin.
Klar Seifen Deodorant Cream, Perfume free, 30 ml.
Perfume-free, nourishing and prevents sweat and odor.