Bro Shaver Set, Bodyshaver & Proshave Platinum Double Edge Blades

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Set with Bodyshaver from Bro Shaver and 10 pcs. Proshave Platinum Double Edge Blades.

Bro Shaver is behind this back razor / body shaver. An innovative razor that allows you to easily shave your hair away from your back, shoulders, arms, etc.

Bro Shaver is the ultimate solution when it comes to removing the hairs on your back. The method is not only painless, but is also far faster and cheaper than its alternatives with wax or laser.

Another benefit is that you no longer need to have your wife or boyfriend to help you remove the hairs. The razor has an extra long shaft, which means that you can reach the back yourself.

Bro Shaver has a razor head that is three times as wide as a regular DE razor. This means that you can easily remove hair on larger areas of the body.

The razor is super easy to use. Simply turn the razor blades in towards the skin and then gently pull the body shaver over the hairy areas.

You can advantageously use a mirror during shaving, so you can keep track of how far you have come and whether you miss some areas.

Although Bro Shaver is easy to use, any beginning can be difficult. So do not despair if you think it is a bit of a hassle the first few times. It should probably get easier once you have the routine!

Delivered incl. 15 razor blades (Ie for 5 full replacements) - and 10 extra Proshave Platinum razor blades.

Extremely cheap razor blades
The big advantage of Bro Shaveren is the price of the razor blades! Bro Shaver uses the cheap DE razor blades, which only cost from 2.5 kroner per. pieces. The razor has room for 3 DE razor blades - and these blades can be turned so that you use both sides (unlike other razor blades on the market, which are glued and locked in a cassette).

A perfect back shave therefore costs almost no money when using a Bro Shaver.

It is typical of other bodybuilders on the market that razor blades are very expensive. But we'm dealing with that here!
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