Irving Barber Company Straight Razor

The Irving Barber Company has spent many years developing the perfect, patented Straight Razor with Interchangeable Blades (Shavette). The special thing about the shavette is that it has a cavity where you insert the blade. This makes it very easy to mount the blade, and in addition, cracked DE razor blades with bent edges can also easily be used. In fact, the shavette's blade holder is magnetic, so the blade 'snaps in' easily and stays in place during shaving.

In Irving Barber Company's Straight Razor, you can use a half blade, a cracked DE-razor blade, and the larger razor blades designed for a shavette from eg Dovo or Feather. Regardless of which razor blade you use, it will have a uniform blade exposure so you can shave with precision. And you don't have to use adapters or extra inserts.

The Straight Razor has a very balanced weight, giving you a perfect shaving experience. Contour lines allow for a stable and comfortable grip at all angles. You will find both chromed shavettes as well as gunmetal versions. The handle is, of course, also made in different colors and materials.

Irving Barber Company Shavette, Chrome
Replaceable Blade Straight Razor. Handle in chrome.
Irving Barber Company Shavette, Matte Black & Chrome
Replaceable Blade Straight Razor in matte black and chrome-plated design.
Irving Barber Company Shavette, Yellow Zinc & Chrome
Replaceable Blades Straight razor in super funky design.
Irving Barber Company Shavette, Matte Black & Gun Metal
Replaceable Blade Straight Razor in mat and gun metal design.