Outlet - Shaving Products

In the Proshaves outlet you will find fantastic shaving products at a very low bargain price. You will find products for before, during and after your shave. We have lowered the price of the goods so that you get effective products at a fraction of the normal price. But you have to be quick - the items are in a limited number and once they are sold out, they are deleted from here.

The products in the product group fail nothing, but have either been discontinued by the assortment, received new packaging or are the last product in its product group.

So are you looking for a new preshave, shave soap, shave cream, aftershave or anything else for your daily shave? Then you might be really lucky to find the products on sale right here.
Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, 20 ml.
A bold and delicious travel size shaving cream.
Before EUR 3.90
Mondial Nobilis Aftershave Gel, 50 ml.
Moisturizing and soothing aftershave gel.
Before EUR 20.00
Mr Natty Silver Label Shave Soap, 80 gr.
Handmade shaving soap with real silk fibers. Has a refreshing scent.
Before EUR 25.30
Mr Natty Scrubs Up Proper Pack
Contains Facial Soap and Shaving Oil.
Before EUR 24.00
ZIRH Aloe Vera Shave Cream, 250 ml.
Delicious shaving cream with Aloe Vera. Reduces irritation.
Before EUR 26.10
ZIRH Prepare, Botanical Preshave Oil, 30 ml.
Protective Preshave oil.
Before EUR 19.40
ZIRH Prepare, Electric Preshave Tonic, 100 ml.
Preshave specifically for shaving with electric shaver.
Before EUR 19.40
Meißner Tremonia Black Beer No.1 Shaving Cream, 200 ml.
Black Beer protective shaving cream.
Before EUR 25.30