Leather Strops

As you use your razor, it will become dull over time. A blunt razor gives a worse shave than a razor sharp one of a kind. Fortunately, it is possible to grind the razor so that it always ensures the optimal shave.

It is therefore important that you buy a leather strop when investing a razor. A leather strop (also called an ironing belt or abrasive leather) is a tool you need to use to keep your razor sharp and clean. The leather strop aligns the ultra-fine edge to your razor blade and smooths out small scratches and notches so that it slides across your skin more easily.

We have two types of leather strops in the range. One is a Paddle and the other a Hanging. The paddle has a handle, is easy to use and does not require much space. The hanging strop, on the other hand, is equipped with a loop at the end so that it can be fastened while stropping. It is the most effective strop and also the completely original version, which is synonymous with a classic old school shave.

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Dovo Leather Strop, Hanging Strop, XL
Used to clean and polish your straight razor.
Sharpens your Straight Razor.
Before 52.00 €
Leather Strop to sharpen your Straight Razor.
Before 92.00 €
Dovo Leather Strop, Hanging Strop
Used to clean and polish your straight razor.
A must-have to keep your blades in tip-top condition. Two-sided.
Before 68.00 €
Thiers-Issard 2 Sided Paddle Strop for Straight Razor, Leather
Keeps your Straight Razor sharp and ready for shaving.
Dovo Paddle Strop, Leather
Used to sharpen your straight razor so it is always sharp.