Strops & Paste

Your straight razor cannot be dulled over time, but fortunately there is the help of retrieving with a leather strop. A leather strop is a tool you need to use to keep your razor sharp and clean, so you are always guaranteed the best and closest possible shave.

We have two types of leather strops: Paddle and Hanging. The paddle has a handle, is easy to use and does not require much space. The hanging strop, on the other hand, is equipped with a loop at the end so that it can be fastened while stropping. It is the most effective strop and also the completely original version, which is synonymous with a classic old school shave.

Over time, you may also need to buy a strop paste / stropping paste for your leather strop. We have stropping paste in different variants. Some are equipped with small diamond particles that give your straight razor an ultra fine grinding, while others give a rougher grinding of your razor. However, once you have applied your abrasive paste to the leather strop, there is no turning back. In the future, your leather strop will be more aggressive. You will also find nourishing balm for your leather strop so you can freshen it up, thus ensuring a better and gentler cleaning and grinding.

Dovo Leather Strop, Hanging Strop, XL
Used to clean and polish your straight razor.
Sharpens your Straight Razor.
Before 52.00 €
A must-have to keep your blades in tip-top condition. Two-sided.
Before 68.00 €
Dovo Paddle Strop, Leather
Used to sharpen your straight razor so it is always sharp.
Dovo Leather Strop, Hanging Strop
Used to clean and polish your straight razor.
Leather Strop to sharpen your Straight Razor.
Before 92.00 €
Thiers-Issard 2 Sided Paddle Strop for Straight Razor, Leather
Keeps your Straight Razor sharp and ready for shaving.
Thiers-Issard Chromox Finishing Paste, 50 gr.
Takes the 'bite' out of a very sharp, aggressive edge.
Thiers-Issard Stropping Paste, 10 gr.
Keeps your Straight Razor sharp and ready for shaving.
Dovo Balm for Leather Strop, 50 ml.
Nourishing balm for your leather strop.