Outlet - Gift Sets

In the Proshaves outlet you will find fantastic gift boxes. The gift boxes are for sale in a very limited number, so you need to be quick to get your hands on the amazing products at the low offer price.

The products are 100% intact and thus fail nothing in terms of their performance and effect. They have been placed in this category because, for example, they have been discontinued from the product range, have been given new packaging or are the last gift box in their product group. Once the gift boxes are sold out, they are deleted from here - and can therefore no longer be purchased on Proshave. Therefore, do not think too long about whether or not to buy the gift boxes.

Finally, keep an eye on the category as we keep updating the range.
Mr Natty Scrubs Up Proper Pack
Contains Facial Soap and Shaving Oil.
Before EUR 24.00
Mr Natty Emergency Flair, Shave
Delicious gift set for a perfect shave.
Before EUR 36.10
Mr Natty Wet vs Dry Package
Delicious Gift Set with Shower Gel and Towel.
Before EUR 29.40
Floris Cefiro Stars Gift
Star shaped gift box with hand cream and EdT.
Before EUR 42.20