Outlet - Shaving Gear

Below in our outlet we have collected exclusive shaving equipment at an exceptionally sharp price. The shaving gear is on sale because, for example, it has received new packaging, discontinued or is the last item in its product group. The products fail for nothing and therefore there is a lot of money to be saved on the men's facial care we have gathered below.

Note that the products are only in a very limited number. Therefore, you must be quick if you are going to buy the razor before it is sold out. When the products are sold out, they are very unlikely to return to the store.

Handles in White Art Resin. Shaving brush with Pure Badger.
Before 130.70 €
Exclusive Grooming Kit. Contains everything you need for your shave.
Before 328.40 €
Multiblade-razor. Note: Will be discontinued when sold out.
Before 6.60 €