Mühle Shaving Set with Safety Razor, Silvertip Fibre® Brush, Stand and Bowl, Sophist, Genuine Horn

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The ultimate Mühle shaving kit that contains everything you need for a perfect shave.

The kit is made of durable buffalo horn and contains the following 4 parts:

- A shaving
brush The shaving brush is made in Silvertip Fiber® - High quality hair that is synthetic but has the same good properties as natural hair. In fact, the fibers are more durable, softer, more durable and faster drying than natural hair.

With a knot size of 23 mm, the brush is characterized as a size Large.

- A safety razor
which is the basis for a classic old-school wet shave.

The razor blades for this are very cheap compared to Gillette razors. So you no longer have to compromise on the sharpness of the blade.

- A stand
So you can hang your maker and shaving brush after use. It is especially important to hang your razor so that the excess water can run out.

- A Bowl
To turn your shaving soap or shaving cream into delicious shaving cream.
Genuine horn
120 mm x 160 mm
556 g
Brush type:
Silvertip Fibre®
Knot size:
23 mm.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:S 33 B 42 SSR