Proshave Platinum Double Edge Blades, 2x5 pcs. (10 pcs.)

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It has long been a dream for us to be able to offer our own, uncompromising Safety Razor Blades. And now they are here! It feels SO good to finally be able to tell and show you.

It has been a long and exciting process. From the start, we set the bar high and knew that we would not compromise on the sharpness, precision or performance of the razor blade - nor the wrapping, of course.

We have tested and tested - and had several of our loyal customers do the same, to ensure us a razor blade that could match (perhaps even surpass) our bestsellers.

Our razor blades ensure you a super close and smooth shave every single day.

Materials and Coating
Proshaves Platinum Razor Blades are made of stainless steel.

The Blades are coated with both Teflon and Platinum, to achieve as sharp and durable razor blade as possible.

Platinum coating is one of the most common blade coatings. It’s designed to keep the blade sharp without causing imperfections.

The Teflon coating reduces the friction between the blade and your skin helping to minimise irritation which makes it a good choice is you have sensitive skin.

Proshaves Razor Blades can be used with all Safety Razors.

To avoid unnecessary use of plastic, all packaging is made of cardboard.

Delivered in 2 boxes with 5 razor blades in each, ie 10 blades in total.
10 stk.
Number of blades:
Item number:PSP10