Mühle Blade Guard for Safety Razor, Plastic

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But this smart blade protector in hard plastic protects you easily and quickly the razor blade on your safety razor. Absolutely obvious when you are on the go - but also perfect for protecting the magazine at home in the bathroom.

The blade guard is pulled down over the razor head and protects the blade from contact. Thus, you do not have to take the razor blade out of the razor when you need to take it with you in the toiletry bag.

Can of course also be used as an extra security when storing the razor in the drawer or toilet cupboard.

Which safety razors can it be used for?
This blade guard fits most MÜHLE safety razors, except for the COMPANION and ROCCA versions *. Can not be used for twist two open razors, butterfly opening razors or slant versions.

The blade guard can also be used for razors from other brands, but it depends on the size of the razor head. So therefore: If you are in doubt about whether the blade protector fits a given razor, you are as always welcome to call or write to us before ordering! That way we avoid mistaken purchases.

* Please note: The blade guard can be mounted on a ROCCA razor, but since the razor head in the ROCCA series is slightly smaller than the remaining razors in Mühle's range, it can slide off itself.

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