Mühle R41 Safety Razor, Open Comb, Chrome

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If you have a strong beard, long stumps or if you want to trim the edges of your full beard, you may want to buy an open comb Safety razor.

This razor is specially developed for wet shaving. The open comb ensures that beard stubble and foam are carried away during shaving. This means that the edge is kept free of residue. All in all, an innovative design, which also makes subsequent cleaning easier.

The "teeth" in the open comb tighten the skin and allow the beard hair to rise to the blade. The Mühle R41 is the perfect choice if you need to shave very long stumps or trim the edges of your full beard.

Comes with a short instruction and a knife.

Fits classic razor blades, which you will also find here at Proshave.
64 gr.
Razor type:
Open comb (DE)
Item number:R 41