Mühle Companion Safety Razor, Unisex, Coral

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As the first unisex, safety razor the COMPANION features a considered design that responds to the needs of this audience, namely it is:

- Gentle with increased protection to avoid scratches and nicks
- Easy to use and ideal for beginners
- Designed with diversity in mind, suitable for use on the body and face
- Customisable and personal
- With longer handle than normal.

The COMPANION features rails on both sides of the top plate enabling the user to find an ideal angle for shaving . If the angle of the razor handle to the skin is smaller than 30° or larger than 50° the rails on the razor head work to create more distance between the blade and the skin, thus reducing the risk of nicks or scratches while shaving. Blade exposure is also kept at a minimum level to allow for a smooth yet gentle shave.

Furthermore, the head features protective flaps over the blunt sides of the blade to avoid unintentionally scratching or nicking of the skin when shaving the body.

The razor is more gentle than a regular Safety Razor and is therefore even easier for beginners to use.

With a longer handle, The COMPANION is ideal for shaving legs, head, neck, and shoulders. The fingerprint design provides a good grip and contributes to the ‘companion concept’: something that is individual, personal, and intimate- a good friend.

The COMPANION razor is made of metal and has a satin chrome finish.

The cord hook for hanging the razor can be replaced and is available in an array of colours. Users can also attach individual cords of any length. This cord is coral.

Blade guard for this razor
Please note: Mühle's COMPANION razor uses a new type of blade guard, which you can buy here
112 mm.
49 mm.
Handle length:
105 mm.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item number:R COM 02