Mühle Safety Razor, Rytmo, Ask

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Mühle Shaving is a leader in shaving equipment with delicious products in the best and most durable materials.

This DE scraper is made in heat treated Ash. Light wood that has been 'closed' and made water-repellent by means of oils. Ash is also characterized by its high degree of elasticity and firmness.

Using a DE scraper requires a little getting used to - but we promise you will be happy when you have the routine.

Here are some general tips you can follow:
- Take a shower or bath before shaving.
- If you really want to pamper yourself, then soften your face with a soaked warm towel.
- Use plenty of hot water.
- Use round movements to lift the beard.
- Scratch with the beard direction - never against.
- Rinse the blade frequently in warm water.
- Rinse face with cold water after shaving and gently dip with a clean towel.
- Use an aftershave lotion without alcohol.
- Rinse your shaver and brush to remove excess soap. Shake your shaving brush to remove excess water.
- Adjust the brush to air dry and be ready for next time.

You can see an expanded version of these tips under the "Guides" tab in the upper left corner.

The scraper fits the classic razor blades.
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item no.:
R 220 SR