Mühle Shaving Set with Safety Razor, Silvertip Badger Brush and Stand, Stylo, Butterscotch

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A very good looking shaving kit of the best quality that makes shaving an experience. Great gift for men who want to experience the perfect shave.

This set is made in Butterscotch. The handles are made of Butterscotch, which is a very durable and really nice shiny material in a unique color.

Both the shaving brush and the razor are rounded off with silver details that are coated with brass and then chromed. The result is a very durable product, which is also scratch-resistant.

This set contains three parts:

- A safety razor with closed comb in a beautiful design. The razor fits all razor blades.

- A shaving brush in the finest badger hair of the highest quality. The brush provides a good massage effect that lifts the beard and prepares the skin for a really good shave.

- A really nice stand in chrome
Knot size:
21 mm.
Brush type:
Silvertip Badger
Razor type:
Closed comb (DE)
Item no.:
S 091 K 74 SR