men-ü Travel Sizes

At this site, we are showing all the practical travel sizes from men-ü.  They are suitable for short weekend trips, air travel, your bag, or just when you do not want to carry a lot. The travel sizes all contain less than 100 ml, so you can bring them in your hand luggage. Perfect for the toiletry bag!

All men's face care and shaving products are available in these small, very practical sizes. You will find shaving cream, face cleanser, face mask, and moisturizer in several different variants.

men-ü has also collected some of the travel sizes in smart sets of 3 x 15 ml, which you will also find at this site.
Soap-free and mild cleansing. Perfect after shaving!
Before EUR 4.70
Aftershave and moisturizer in one. Cools and soothes.
Before EUR 5.40
Oil-free and fragrance-free face cream. Gives a nice, matte skin.
Before EUR 5.40
Matting gel that reduces impurities.
Before EUR 5.40
Deep cleansing face mask. Prevents and minimizes impurities.
Before EUR 6.00
men-ü Skin Refresher Set, 3 x 15 ml.
Set with Shaving cream, Face wash and Face gel. Travel sizes.
men-ü Ultimate Shave / Facial Set, 3 x 15 ml.
Set with Shaving cream, Face wash and Face cream. Travel sizes.
men-ü Matt Pack, 3 x 15 ml.
Set with Face gel, Face mask and Face cream.
men-ü Toilet bag, Stripes
Super nice and practical toilet bag.