Murdock London Hair Care & Styling

Dive into Murdock London's world of hair care and styling, where each and every product is created with the modern man's need for quality and efficiency in mind. Murdock London offers a sophisticated collection that includes everything from nourishing shampoos and conditioners to innovative styling products designed to shape, define and enhance your hair, regardless of hair type.

With Murdock London's hair care and styling products, you can experience the ultimate combination of care and performance. Choose between light, restorative shampoos that clean the hair without removing its natural oils - as well as conditioners that add moisture and life. Each formula is enriched with carefully selected ingredients that ensure your hair looks healthy and well-groomed.

When it comes to styling, Murdock London offers a wide range of products to suit any look, from matte pomades to natural texture sprays that add hold and definition without weighing hair down. Whether you're looking for a relaxed, natural look or something more sculpted and refined, Murdock London gives you the tools to create your desired look with ease and elegance.

Make Murdock London part of your daily routine and experience the difference with products that not only care for, but also transform your hair. With Murdock London's hair care and styling collection, you are assured of products that combine the best of nature and science to give you an unrivaled result. Take the step towards a more impressive and well-groomed look with Murdock London.

Murdock Matt Mud, 50 gr.
Provides strong hold and a matte finish.
Murdock Vintage Pomade, 50 gr.
Gives strong hold, shine and definition to your hair.
Murdock Texture Paste, 50 gr.
Provides a flexible hold and a matte finish.
Murdock Shampoo, Quince & Oakmoss, 250 ml.
Cares and cleans. Leaves hair soft and fragrant.
Murdock Strengthening Shampoo, Black Tea, 250 ml.
Cares and cleans. Leaves hair soft and fragrant.
Murdock Conditioner, Quince & Oakmoss, 250 ml.
Nourishing conditioner that moisturizes and nourishes the hair.
Murdock Textured Hair Oil, 50 ml.
Hair oil that adds shine and nourishment to the hair.
Murdock Sea Salt Volume Mousse, 150 ml.
Lift the hair roots, achieve volume and give hold.
Murdock Sea Salt Spray, 150 ml.
Creates instant volume and a matte texture.
Murdock Textured Hair Cream, 150 ml.
Ultimate hydration and control for curls or afro hair.