Murdock London Cologne

Explore our selection of fragrances and colognes from Murdock London, where each bottle carries the aesthetic of the modern gentleman. Inspired by London's dynamic atmosphere and timeless elegance, our fragrances combine carefully selected natural essences to create unique and memorable aromas that stand out from the crowd.

Each fragrance is like a chapter in a fascinating story of sophistication and style, designed to enchant the senses and leave an unforgettable impression.

Murdock London fragrances and colognes are created for the man who appreciates subtlety, character and exceptional craftsmanship in his personal scent. Let yourself be enveloped in the exclusive notes of Murdock London and add a touch of British luxury to your daily routine.

Murdock Cologne, Black Tea, 100 ml.
Enthralling blend of spices, cedar and amber.
Murdock Cologne, Patchouli, 100 ml.
Delicious, intense fragrance with a warm, sensual expression.
Murdock Cologne, Avalon, 100 ml.
Characteristic and refreshing blend of herbal and citrus notes.
Murdock Cologne, Vetiver, 100 ml.
Clean scent with citrus and muted woody notes.
Murdock Cologne, Black Tea, 50 ml.
Enthralling blend of spices, cedar and amber.
Murdock Gift Set, Cologne Collection
Travel sizes of the 4 delicious colognes.